1. Award-Winning Career (25 yrs) in

  2. Web Development, Marketing,

  3. Ecommerce, and Enterprise Technologies.

  4. Experienced CTO (agencies/startups).

  5. Certified PMP (300+ projects).

  6. Successful startup CEO.

  7. Loving Father.

Wordjax (app)

Backend app to streamline modules and plugins into a network.


Reusable code for rapid application development on social graph API connections.

Hype 100

Audio social sharing platform and website (Drupal).


Strategy planning and brand management of various fashion products and clothing lines.

Avocado HQ

Statistics and reporting dashboard portal for California avocado farmers (Drupal).


Custom statistics tracking and reporting.

DEED (app) – CTO

Served as CTO. App to better manage volunteer resources and events. Managed technology projects and development resources for mobile and web apps